"“NPA’s are cause of our national concern and it is indeed a great hindrance towards maintaining a healthy economy”. RSL notes and shares the common concern and contributes towards reducing the NPA’s with a judicious, humble & dedicated approach.

Enforcement SARFAESI
  • Pre-take Inspection/Searching Reports and verification of the assets & Documents.
  • Taking symbolic/Physical possession under Sec-13 (4).
  • Taking the DM/CMM/CJM order for police help if at all necessary.
  • Preparing Panchanama and Inventory etc during taking Physical Possession.
  • Locking and Sealing the premises as per rules.
  • Preparing Notices, organizing documentation and compliance Reports to the Authorities.
  • Arranging Insurance, posting Security Guards and ensuring safekeeping of the Repossessed Assets as the custodian on behalf of the Bank/ A.O as per rules.
  •  Organizing Disposal/Auction of the assets as Official Auctioneer as per the SARFASI Act/Rules.

Our team may assist the principals from preparing & serving the defaulters Demand Notice under Sec-13 (2) and obtain acknowledgement.

We have a dedicated team of advisors, comprising of Sr. Advocates, Practicing Company Secretaries, Ex-Policemen & Ex-Serviceman, Enforcement & Repossession experts from the field of Banking and leading NBFCs etc. They are capable of guiding us suitably for Enforcement of the Security Interest (Assets) for Commercial Banks/Financial Institutions, Housing Finance Companies & Asset Reconstruction Companies.
We assist you in the following steps, right from verification of the assets & documents , taking steps under the act & finally disposal of the asset.
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